Deal With Broken Car

1. Assess the damage

That has been done to your car: Before making an effort of selling your broken vehicle, assess the damage that has been done to your car by wear and tear or an accident. It is essential to know the worth or the car before quoting a value for sale. Get an inspection of the car done by a mechanic to get a fair idea of the value and functionality of the car. Make sure you know if the important systems of the car are in working conditions so that you can go about the marketing of the vehicle.

2. Repair the vehicle:

If your car is too dysfunctional to be sold, get it repaired. You can get the damaged parts of the vehicles repaired before selling the car. However, there is not much profit that you can make out of it. The value that will be added to your vehicle will most probably equal to the cost of repairing. Make sure you have enough time and efforts to invest in repairing the car. Before you make a deal with potential buyers, inform them about the prior status of the car.

3. Sell the car as it is to a Salvage lot:

Sometimes cars are so severely damaged that they are considered to be irreparable. In this case, you can sell the car to a salvage lot. They tow your car away and some operational spare parts of the car can be used for resale. If there is nothing that can be used for the purpose of reselling, the metal is recycled. You can hardly expect a good pay from them but it’s better than having a wreck uselessly sitting in your garage.

4. Sell parts of the car:

If you want to make a little money out of your broken car, you can personally sell the usable parts of your vehicle. Contact the salvage yards to get an information about the amount of money that you can make through selling parts of your car or sell them yourself if you think you can make more money by personally selling them. You can throw an advertisement in some newspapers or upload some advertisement on websites like eBay to attract potential buyers.